Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Happy 2010! I hope it's a good one. 2009 was a great year for me so it will be hard to top! Last year I made zero resolutions. I decided to make a few this year. Scott and I made one together and I decided to make a few on my own. Mostly just some that will try to make me a better person in general. Well duh, I guess that's what resolutions are huh!
I need to get back on my diet now that the holidays are over. I'm starting that on Monday. I've gained about 4 lbs and that's totally unnecessary. I've continued my work-out routine but I haven't been eating chicken and vegetables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which is basically what my body requires of me to lose weight. She's a biotch. So back on that Monday and I'm happy Scott wants to do it with me because that always helps.

I'd like to read more this year. I have a book that I ordered off Amazon that a very good friend of mine wrote actually!! Identity by Eric Geiger! Eric is my old youth pastor. He and his wife, Kaye, have had more influence on my life than anyone I've ever met. They are both amazing people and I love them both so much and I feel truly blessed that God put them in my life. They're living in Miami now. I haven't seen them in about 4 years but I keep in contact with them still. I ordered Eric's book and it arrived on my doorstep this week. Scott and I are reading it together. He started while I was in CB and loves it. I scammed through it and it makes me laugh! I can totally hear Eric saying every word and I've basically already heard him say everything he's saying in the book. Every story, every teaching subject, but I love it because it's refreshing and Eric's preaching could never get old. Please support Eric and Kaye and go get this book. It's a very quick read but I have no doubt it could change your life because Eric has, without a doubt, changed my life.

I'm excited about 2010! I hope it's a year full of wonderfulness. So far so good!

Finally, I recieved this video around 11:30 on New Years Eve. Landon was having a dance party at my brothers and it made me get the biggest smile on my face. He's such a cutie! Happy New Year from Landon.

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