Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Kelly Ripa Workout

Today was a nice, chill, stress-free day. I slept in...late! Well I woke up early and turned on Good Morning America, ate breakfast, then went back to sleep. I ate a yummy lunch! Leftover chicken fajitas. I hung around my house all day then went to the gym to try a new workout, physique sculpt. It's the workout Kelly Ripa does and she talks about it on her show all the time. (I watch Reg & Kel every day) She said it's changed her life so I thought I'd give it a try. I really liked it! I thought it would be a little more hard core. I could have left my columbia jacket on. I never broke a sweat but I definitely felt the burn! It's like a ballet class. I was clearly the only dancer in the room. When we had to kick our legs up I had fantastic posture and pointed my toes (you don't wear shoes) It was the 16 years of ballet classes kicking in. I'm definitely going to keep up with it. After that class I headed over to do my cycle class. The instructor was not hard core enough for me. It was hard for maybe 7 total minutes out of 45. I was disappointed so after it was over I went and hopped on the elliptical.
Right now I'm watching the Westminster dog show on TV. I just love these! If they had a hybrid version I just might enter Holly. She'd win. She's the cutest yorkie/shih tzu mix I've ever seen. Although she's never used a leash so I think she'd be all the way confused about the rope around her neck then probably have an asthma attack. She has asthma and it always acts up when she gets freaked out....like when she goes to the vet. We've never put a leash on her because she doesn't run away. We take her on walks and she just trots along right next to us. She's perfect. I know I say that all the time but she is.
I was watching Oprah last week and she had nuns on there. Has anyone ever noticed that nuns are always named Mary Francis? It's true! I just think that's kinda funny. So if you name your daughter Mary Francis you can almost guarantee she'll be a nun.

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