Friday, February 19, 2010

Is It Over?

Today has the potential to be one of the greatest days of 2010. Scott's at Walmart giving a huge presentation right now. If all goes well, and Walmart doesn't want him to change anything, then his insane work schedule stops!!! Well for a few months at least. There's a few times a year where Scott's going to be incredibly busy and these last 3 months have been one of those few times a year. It's been really tough. Last night, for example, he got home at 1 a.m. So pretty much yesterday I never saw him. Not pretty much, I didn't see him. It's sad! I've gotten totally used to going out to eat by myself, going to the movies by myself...I cook dinner by myself, watch my shows by myself. It's sucked! I've cried, I've gotten not as understanding and supportive at's been a challenge. I love my husband! I want to see him and be with him all the time. Even on weekends he's at the office. All day Saturday and after church on Sunday he's off to work. Even if he did come home early...early being 7...he'd come home and work. So's been no fun. And don't think Scott's enjoyed it. I feel more sorry for him than I do for me!! He's even felt like he's gotten sick at times because he never has any down time for his body to rest. At least his boss has been pretty good about all the working. Scott's picked up a ton of vacation days for his over-time. He's seriously almost got a month of vacation now. I'm so proud of him for being such a dedicated worker. I've said it before....he's every company's dream employee. He's already won an award at Sara Lee. He has a little trophy and everything. He won the award at IP in Memphis too. He's crazy!! He said if this is finished today then next week he's gonna come home every day at 5:30! You have no idea how much that excites the both of us! We're going to celebrate big time this weekend if this is all over. I need to plan something great and special for my honey! He deserves everything he wants right now. I'll tweet if it's over! Cross your fingers.

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