Monday, February 22, 2010

Honey Baked Ham

This weekend was so great! Friday Scott has some tweeks to do to his project so he was at the office until 1 a.m. again. I was okay though because I knew it was over! We spent all day Saturday hanging out with nothing to do. The last time that happened was when we went to Eureka for our anniversary. Like I said, we had planned on celebrating so we ate a fantastic meal at Ruths Chris. Then we headed into the lounge and listened to jazz! It was so fantastic. The next morning we went to church, ate lunch with Scott's mom, then just hung out at the house/took a nap. Perfection.
Last night my mom and Holly came up. Mom had to do some work up here this morning but she's already headed back to Little Rock. My little dumplin doodlebug stayed with me though!
I'm still working out like a crazy person. Burned 625 cals today on the elliptical. Good for me.
Okay so you know how I've told you that I love a delicious meal that's easy to cook & clean up too. Well, I've been addicted to Honey Baked Ham lately. Have you guys ever had those? My family always gets a Honey Baked Ham for Thanksgiving, Christmas, & Easter. They're so amazingly good! Well, you can go in there and buy the ham by the pound. They just slice it right off of the big huge ham. It's so good! Put it on a plate, steam some carrots.....bang! Delicious meal that takes zero work. always for me....low cal. 3 oz. of their ham is about 125 calories. 3 oz is plenty for me so that's about a 150-200 calorie meal including your veggies. And it's heavenly. (I'm a nerd and have a food scale...leave me alone!) It's also a great snack if you're feeling a little hungry. Their turkey is amazing as well and of course turkey is healthier for you. So anyways that's what I'm 'cooking' for dinner tonight. It's just too cold up here to grill.
I need to hop in the shower. I'm gross from working out. Have a great night!

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