Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I really don't have a lot to talk about today because I was a lazy bum all day. Holly and I watched movies today. I watched Big with Tom Hanks for the first time. It was on my HBO Video on Demand and I've always seen that cute piano scene at FAO Schwartz and thought 'why not.' So I watched it and thought it was cute even though I have to say I'm quite surprised it was best actor academy award worthy. It was made in the 80's though....times have changed.
The only productive thing I did today was work-out and cook a delicious meal. Today was my sculpt class followed by my spin class. 2 hours at the gym! I'm sore. Sculpting was pretty hard core today. I'm definitely sore from the sculpting not the spinning. I'm getting very strong at spinning. I had the dictator as my instructor today. I have to take a Smart Water bottle when I know she's teaching because I suck the whole thing down. The other instructors just require a regular bottle....she's so hard core. I also have to use a super thick rubber band for my pony tail and even half way through the class, my hair has fallen so much I have to re-do my pony. She's crazy.
I'm still cool but on my way to frustration because I've been stuck at the same weight for 2 weeks now. I eat so strictly and work out SO HARD so I'm really really confused. I'm at that weight for me though (won't tell you the number) that it's hard to push past. I get stuck at this number a lot. I know if I keep pushing I'll get there.....I just hope I can stay motivated. I think I can.....I've got that vacation ahead. Scott said I should write about the 'line on my calf.' I've got one. Know what I'm talkin about? Yeah baby!
For dinner Scott grilled. Salmon for him, scallops for me. I made a salad with this amazing home-made salad dressing that my Uncle Rex got from a 5 star chef he met while he lived in London like a zillion years ago. It's awesome and a family staple with almost every meal. We haven't made it in a while so I had that tonight. I also made a yummy sauce to go with our seafood. It was amazing! One of those things I just threw together which you're never sure will turn out great or not. It was. I'm going to do it again. It was all low cal of course. Salad dressing....sauce....you know I don't make food that's not. Well, I do....I have some all-star recipes but I never cook them unless I'm having people over. Scott and I just don't eat bad....even when we go out to eat. So many people I work with are giving up fast food for lent. That blows my mind. I MAYBE eat fast food once a month and it's most likely a shared chick-fil-a chicken biscuit between Scott and I when we're feeling a little crazy on a Saturday morning. Don't get me wrong. I love fast food. I drive by Zaxby's and Firehouse every day and think 'OMG I would kill to get to eat that.' I could I guess but it's not worth it. Like Kate Moss says 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.' That my motto too....most of the time anyways. I live off salad, brothy soup, meat, and vegetables. Fun huh!
I'm off to bed now. Even though I was lazy today I'm really tired. Holly is too. Night!

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