Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've Got Rhythm!

Today was like most days....same ol' same ol'. Every Wednesday Jaclyn and I eat lunch together at McAlisters. It's our thing. And we always get the exact same thing. A cup of tortilla soup, a chef salad with honey mustard on the side & a tea half/half. So like all Wednesdays, I did that today. Call us crazy but it never gets old.
Work was alright. Not crazy busy but good enough.
I tried out some new workout's tonight. I did an 'ab attack' class at my gym. It was only 15 minutes (if that doesn't scare ya) and my dictator cycle instructor taught it. I told her at the end of the class if I wake up tomorrow and don't have a 12 pack I'll be really confused. I almost let out a loud noise at one point which would have totally embarrassed me.
After Ab Attack I tried a 'Cardio Kick' class which is basically tae bo. I liked it okay. Maybe I'll do it again. I did enjoy watching the woman behind me. I swear I'm not being mean... like promise....but she had the least amount of rhythm of any person that exists in this whole wide world. I'm sure of it. I'm so happy I wasn't in that class with a friend because I would have fallen on the floor doubled over in laughter if I had caught once glimpse of my friends face that would have clearly said what I was thinking. Even the instructor would laugh under her breath which you could hear through her microphone. It was just too fast pace for her. I knew she was in trouble when during the warm-up the instructor had us do the grapevine. I've never seen anything like it! Oh my goodness! Whenever I'm having a sad day I'll think about it and I will immediately cheer up. I'll stop now but I just want to let you know if I had a video camera I would have won the $100,000 America's Funniest Home Video award. She was sweet though. I talked to her a bit. Oh well. To each their own.
After Ab Attack and Cardio Kick I did my sculpting class. Probably a mistake because my soreness woke me up in the middle of the night from last nights physique sculpt. I'm obsessed though so I just couldn't not do it.
I came home at 7:30 to a lovely grill meal! Chicken, asparagus & red pepper. YUM-O! I'm about to head to bed. Night!

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