Monday, March 1, 2010

Church Homes

I don't know why I've been so MIA! This weekend was so great! Mom and Dad came up for work so we went out to eat at Ruth's Chris on Friday. It was YUM-O! Saturday Scott and I just hung out all day which was just so so nice! I'm loving his new work schedule. We decided to hang low on Saturday night. We watched two movies. Earth which was so incredible and Couples Retreat which was cute but not as good as some of Vince Vaughn's movies. I would highly recommend Earth.
We did our usual routine on Sunday. Got up for church at 11:00. Scott keeps trying to get me to go to the 9:30 service but I just love to go to the 11:00 service then going out for lunch after. I've been feeling very convicted lately about joining a church. We've been going to Fellowship since we moved back from Memphis but we've never joined. I'm still not 100% sure if Fellowship is the way to go though. I want to go check out First Baptist Springdale before we make a decision. I want to make the decision quickly. I honestly don't like the baptist church....even though I grew up baptist. But there's just a few things about Fellowship that bother me....well actually a lot of things. I have to be extremely picky because this is the church home I'm going to raise my kids in. I think a good church is so incredibly crucial for your child. I had an AMAZING church home and an even more AMAZING youth leader and I want that so badly for my children....obviously. It's so important to me and already stresses me out. I know FBS would probably be just like my church home in El Dorado only on a larger scale. I went to church there when I was in college. My brother and I would go together and I absolutely loved it. I would need to check out a Sunday School class to get the full deal though. Scott and I joined (temporarily maybe) a community group at Fellowship so we can check all that out before we join there if we do. Anyways....that's on my heart right now. The Lord will show me and Scott which church is the right place for us.
I've had a terrible sore throat. It wasn't bad until I went to spin class yesterday. Scott went with me and tried it! He did so good and he loved it. I think spin made my throat 79% worse though. I turned to Scott 20 minutes in and was like 'my throat is KILLING me.' Bad idea but I just can't handle the thought of not working out right now. I just called my Uncle Rex to get him to call me in a Zpack because I've gone through an ENTIRE box of DayQuil and it hasn't gotten better. I need to feel better for working out purposes and also because I'm going out of town this week to work for my Dad. I'll be living in Cherokee Village, AR Tuesday-Saturday. Never heard of it? Me either. Scary. I need to get in the shower now so I can get movin for the day.

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