Monday, March 8, 2010

Jeans and Sunglasses

This weekend was just really fantastic. After spending all last week in Cherokee Village, AR....otherwise known as the boondocks....I was so excited to come home to a place that has traffic lights and buildings that aren't homes. I'm glad I had Molly with me. We're college buddies and she works for my dad now. He shacked us up in the boonies for a week to work the basketball tournament for high school sports. We had reservations to stay Friday night and wake up Saturday and drive home but we decided to peace out of that little town and get back to normal life and drive back late Friday. I asked Molly if someone paid her a million dollars to live there for a year if she would do it and she said no. I wouldn't either.
It was so great to come home to Scott. I told him I was in desperate need of a great meal with a great martini. I wanted to get all dolled up and enjoy a night out on the town with my amazing husband. So we went to Theos and it totally hit the spot! Sunday we did our normal routine. Church, lunch to kill time til we hit the gym. While we were shopping we stumbled into Solstice which is like a Sunglass Hut. My sunglasses broke a few months ago and I really needed a new pair. I've never really splurged on a nice pair of sunglasses so I decided to go for it. Scott even found some for himself too! Armani for him, Marc Jacobs for me. We went a little crazy but we need sunglasses for summer/our trip coming up. I'm in love with mine and Scott looks sexy in his!!!
Today I went shopping at Masons. I've lost some weight and my jeans are just too baggy. They're fine if I wash them with warm water, dry them on high heat and only wear them for 20 minutes. After that they grow too big and I can pull them down without unbuttoning them. I've been telling Scott I've got to find some new jeans so today I decided to try some on and I actually found a pair!! I'm very picky. Scott still doesn't know yet....and also that I threw in 4 tops too. I'll break the bad news to him later tonight. I have a feeling he's not going to be as excited about my new jeans and cute tops as I am.
It's time for dinner. I'm starving. I'm sure a lot of people were expecting a blog about my dear friend Mac who died this morning. I just can't go there. He's like a father to me and I need to push it out of my head for now. Maybe tomorrow.....

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