Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last First Kiss

So I was driving home tonight from Bonefish after dinner and drinks with Jaclyn and I was listening to my ipod and History In The Making by Darius Rucker started playing. First of all...OBSESSED with him. I really love the part where he says 'baby this could be our last first kiss' and as unintelligent as it sounds it made me realize that Scott was my last first kiss. In my defence I feel like that doesn't make me seem extremely stupid that I just now thought of that since some people date then break up, date--break up, a zillion times then get my parents for example who started dating when they were in the 8th grade. So anyways, it made me think about my last first kiss......
I met Scott after the Arkansas vs. LSU football game in 2006. My friend, Kelsey, and Scott's friend, Trey, were friends. They were all together and I met them out in Little Rock. Scott and I sat and talked the whole time. Hours later Scott asked for my number before I left because he 'wanted to introduce me to a fantastic filet.' (I told him earlier that I ate my steaks well....he was appalled and assured me if I let him purchase me a delicious filet I would never eat it well again....needless to say I order them rare these days)
That was on a Friday, that next Thursday he picked me up for our first date and took me to Theos. It was perfect. The next day, he came over and I cooked him dinner. The only meal I knew how to cook at the time....grilled chicken, baked beans, and mac and cheese. The day after that, he called me and told me he wanted to take me somewhere nice...Bordinos.
You get the idea....from date one we never went one day without being together. Which made it extra awkward that we took FOREVER to have our first kiss. We were CLEARLY dating exclusively and by hour 50 it was serious. But the kissing thing....well...that took a while.
I remember talking to Jaclyn about it and telling her it was just too cheesy to have the 'at the door kiss while the guy is dropping you off' and I refused to ever have a kiss like that. So like....10 days goes by and we still haven't kissed.
So we were out with all of our friends one weekend and ended up at Grubs like always in the old college days. Scott was at the bar ordering me a drink and turned his head to ask me what I wanted....I told him then we kissed. Just a peck. Then he got our drinks and set them on that ledge right by the bar then we totally started muggin down. 45 minutes later I turned to Jaclyn and said 'we've finally kissed!!' and Jaclyn said 'uhhhhh I've noticed.' HAHA.
So that was my last first kiss. It makes me smile right now just thinking about it. It's romantic in it's own little really funny too. It was History in the Making.....

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