Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl 2010

Yay!! I was rooting for the Saints. I'm excited they won! Jaclyn came over and watched the game with me. Brad went to a party in Fayetteville and Scott worked. So we kept each other company with guacamole and pizza.
Today I went to a baby shower for my friend, Lauren. I felt old. I felt old when Lauren got married....she was my first friend to get married. Now I feel extra old going to a baby shower for her. My brother and her grew up together and are uber duber close. Our parents are all best friends. We went on vaca's together growing up. Also she was Miss Arkansas when I was Miss Teen Arkansas. It was really cool to do that together. She was already like an older sister to me before that so it was so awesome to have her there with me that year. She's having a little girl. I can't wait to meet her!
Yesterday Scott and I went to the Razorback game with Braclyn. Good game. We ate at Penguin Ed's and had dessert at Ricks. Yum.
Friday night Scott, Randy (father-in-law) and I ate at Bordinos. YUM! I was craving it. I haven't had it since right before Christmas. It didn't disappoint.
Okay that's all. Sorry it was boring.

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