Wednesday, March 31, 2010

12 Tweets

Hmmm.....what can I write about??????

1.) I got the Words with Friends App on my phone. If you have it invite me to join. I enjoy playing.

2.) I stopped by the gas station on my way to work and got a french vanilla cappuccino. I'm so in love with those bad boys.

3.) Going to see my parents this weekend in LR for Easter. Looking forward to it.

4.) Having some white wine right now even though I said I wasn't going to have any wine until Saturday. Oh well.

5.) I struggled today with my sprints on legs are beyond sore. You've never felt this pain/soreness before.....I could almost guarantee it.

6.) I love Modern Family. It is so freaking hysterical to me.

7.) I leave for Mexico 1 week from Saturday. I'm all the way ready.

8.) Jennifer Aniston wore pink on a red carpet. I nearly fell off the treadmill when I saw it on the TV. Even the E! folks were like 'holy moly look out she's not wearing black.'

9.) I bought curtains for my living room and they're coming to hang them for me at 9 a.m. on Friday. I'm very excited.

10.) Kiwi's and blueberries must be in season cause they're both really fantastic tasting right now.

11.) I watch Dr. Oz almost every day and I learn so much from him every time I watch his show.

12.) My husband is really great.

That's all. It was like a bunch of tweets! Good Day Mate!

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