Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I haven't had just a ton of stuff to fill my day up.....yesterday either. Yesterday I felt very Jersey Shore white trash. I just did GTL....Gym, Tan, Laundry. Not kidding. That's all.
I'm getting really good at my sprints on steroids. It's not getting easy for me by any means but I am getting better at it. Tonight is my favorite workout night. Sculpt, abs, cycle. Yay!
Today I cooked myself a yummy lunch. (See tweet pic) I'm really into tweeting my meals right now for some reason. I dunno why.....don't ask. So today I made myself some tuna fish with grapes in it! Yummy. I usually put apples in my tuna or almonds if I don't have apples but I decided to go with the grapes this time and it was the best. That's the way I'm going to do it from now on.
Scott just called and asked what was for dinner. I opted to be boring and just do grilled chicken......with that yummy salad I make. It's so good! I would share the recipe but it calls for the strangest ingredients that are so hard to find it's like going on a scavenger hunt. Plus it's like a dab of this, dash of that....I'd really just have to show you. Sorry bout that cause it's good. You're missing out.
I just got back from Rush Running. It's (duh) a store that sells sporting goods. I'm in desperate need of new shoes. I told Scott last night I can feel the soles just wearing out on mine. Plus I've never had good running shoes. I've just always gone to Shoe Carnival because it's not like I wear my tennis shoes for fashion. They get worn just at the gym. However, given that I workout like I do I figure I should just break down and spend some money on a good pair. So I went there and the guy had me run on a treadmill so he could see what shoes would be best for the way I run. He filmed me too to show me what my feet do. My right leg/foot runs perfectly but my left leg/foot....I look like Pheobe Buffay. I've noticed it before because the treadmills at Fuse are in front of mirrors and I get a chuckle when I pay attention to it. It's good to know though. He gave me tips to improve my pronating and selected a pair of shoes for me that should help significantly. I'm excited because my left knee always kills me immediately after I finish my run. Makes sense now. He believes it'll help my knee. Sure hope so! That'd be so great.
So that was the extent of my excitement today. Just watching Ellen re-runs until time for sculpt. Hope your day is more exciting than mine!

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