Sunday, March 28, 2010

300th Blog Post

This is my 300th post! Very exciting...
This weekend was a great weekend. On Friday Scott and I had a lunch date! He left work at 4 and we worked out together. He watched me do my sprints on the treadmill and laughed at me afterwards and asked me why I was walking like Forrest Gump. Those suckers make my legs so sore!!! We decided to lay low on Friday night. I whipped up a yummy dinner (see tweet pic) and we watched The Blind Side. I love that movie. One of those that you want to buy right when it comes out! So good.
Saturday I woke up early and went to my cycle class like usual. It was very intense. Mary Alice taught it and I think she decided to make it extra hard because I told her it was getting easy for me. It definitely was not easy for me this go round. I was so gross I immediately came home and hopped in the shower. Then I crawled back into the bed with Scott and went back to sleep. Saturday night, Scott's friend, Paul, had a wedding shower party. We have lots of those to attend these days! We always have so much fun at them though. Free food, free night full of fun with our friends and their parents! Always enjoyable. I like....and it's free! Haha.
This morning we went to church. It, like my cycle class, was very intense. Being that it's Palm Sunday, they of course, showed some video of the crucifixion. It's so hard to watch. My jaw was literally quivering. At the end of the video they wrote on the screen 'please leave quietly.' It's so interesting to watch people's expressions after they watch a video of that. Tough stuff but always a great reminder that Jesus did that for me.
We're studying John at Fellowship for 18 months. I've actually learned a lot. I grew up in the church so I never feel like I learn anything new. You know....cause I've already heard it....a zillion times. But I'm actually learning new things. Learned something new today actually. It always surprises me. It's a good thing.
After church we went to eat with Braclyn at the Outback. Sorry just Outback. (Brad makes fun of me and Jaclyn because we call it the Outback.) Scott and I talked Brad into coming to cycle with us. He did good! I think he liked it. Mary Alice taught it so I wouldn't have been surprised if he fell off the bike from passing out. I almost did the first time she taught me! Last night Brad challenged me to a plank pose stand-off. I won....easily. (Sorry Bradly)
Time for my shows.

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