Monday, March 22, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday was super nice and very relaxing! Scott and I woke up like normal and headed to church. There were probably 30 people there. What just cause it snows you can't go worship God? Shameful. After church Scott picked Abuelos for lunch. GASP! I cheated. Bigger gasp! I got a taco and a chicken enchilada. was good! I can't remember the last time I ate something like that. Scott and I love Mexican so much. We always choose that as our cheat meal....always! Never fails. After lunch we came home and watched New Moon. Gotta say it was a zillion times better than Twilight. Like Scott said 'Twilight was all about how pretty Edward was.' New Moon had some action! I liked it. Maybe I'll skip reading New Moon but read the other two. Because I've heard they're so good.
We fell asleep for about an hour. Is there a whole lot of things that are better than a nap on a Sunday? Yeah I don't think so either.
Scott and I skipped our cycle class yesterday! Which embarrasses me because I ran into the guy who was going to teach it, William, at Ruths Chris and I went on and on and on and on and on and on and on about cycle and how I WOULD BE THERE tomorrow. Loser. Scott and I just wanted to snuggle and nap and watch movies. It was so worth it. I'm sure William will give me a hard time when I see him.....which he should given how I acted. I blame it on the 2 martinis I had with dinner :)
Last night I watched my shows! Then I watched Life which is like the Earth movie I love so much. Life is narrated by Oprah and it covers Amphibians and Reptiles. Of course I dreamed about nasty worms crawling on me last night which I told Scott I knew I would do. That was a bummer but Life is amazing. If you haven't seen Earth yet you should and now add Life to your list. It's so amazing to see how animals survive. They're so smart!
Okay it's time to get my day started. I'm getting hungry for a yummy lunch.

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