Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy Errand Day

Today was lovely! Well...got lovely. I woke up to Obama speaking. Not pleasant. I turned him off and turned to E! I prefer to not listen to a man brag about how he's destroying my country. This is not change I can believe in. Even though I never believed in it to begin with.
I had lunch at McAlisters with Jaclyn. We usually eat together on Wednesday but she's busy tomorrow so today it was! After lunch I went to this fantastic fabric store in Rogers called M Grace and I ordered curtains for my living room and dining room. I'm so excited! It's really gonna spruce my place up. I ran a few other errands then I went to the hospital to see my friend Lauren. I actually never got to see her because she was busy contracting and delivering her baby and all that stuff but I sat in the waiting room for an hour with her family hoping London would arrive while I was there. No such luck. Time was tickin so I had to leave for my sculpt class....then abs...then cycle. Scott did cycle with me which I love! We came home after and Scott grilled me some yummy chicken kabobs. We've been doing nothing sense then and I just got a text saying London FINALLY arrived. 7lbs 14 0z. I'll go see her tomorrow! I'm gross from the gym and she probably wouldn't appreciate a nasty person holding her for her first few hours on earth. Time to shower then off to bed.

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