Wednesday, March 24, 2010

London Grace

Today I woke up and turned on Regis and Kelly. Re-runs. I always hate that because of course I've seen them all. Summer is the worst. But I still enjoy. I hopped in the shower then took off towards the hospital so I could see London! She is soooooooo sweet. Oh my goodness. She's beautiful first of all. Doesn't surprise me. She has pretty parents with similar features which I feel like always seals the deal for a good looking baby when the parents look alike. And when they're good looking too even though duh! That's a given. She has a full head of dark hair which I hope so badly my baby has. I had a full head of dark hair when I was born so hopefully mine will get that. I'm not sure about Scott's hair....although he weighed almost 10 pounds when he was born. I will die if I have a huge baby. Surly not. God help Scott if I do. I won't speak to him for a while. Babies in my family run teeny tiny. Anyone know if the weight of the baby has anything to do with the mom's side? Definitely going to be looking that up when I get pregnant.
Back on track....London is precious and slept the whole time I was there. Here's some pictures of her!
Hehe! Isn't she precious! She's the first grandbaby in the family so she will be definitely be spoiled! I told her family she's already the most spoiled one in the hospital because her door is all fancy!

That was about the extent of my excitement today although a friends new baby is pretty hard to top. After that I went to work, worked out, and now I'm sitting here blogging. Gonna have some wine tonight because I haven't had any in a while. Time to focus on my shows!

Oh and a quick funny for you. I emailed Scott a picture of London and he said 'She looks precious! We should get day!' Haha. Get one. Like you go pick it up at Walmart or something. It really tickled me.

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