Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Furniture!

Today was a great day. Yesterday was great too! Looks like this week is going to be fantastic. At least that's what I'm going with.
Yesterday I woke up and turned on Good Morning America and my two all time favorite celebrities were both on. Jennifer & Jessica! Then Jennifer was on Reg and Kel and Jess was on The View. Great way to start off my day. Then Scott sent me a text asking me if I wanted to go on a lunch date which you know we never do but I totally love! Then I did a little shopping then bought a lottery scratch off ticket and won 40 dollars. Last week I won 30 dollars off a ticket. Both times I just purchased 1 ticket so I watrupled my money in a matter of seconds. It felt good. I worked out, cooked a yummy meal, then hung with Scott. Great day!
Today, I had lunch with Jaclyn at where else....McAlisters. Afterwards I went to Barnes and Noble to read some magazines. Then I checked out our new salon because we moved to a new location and it's beautiful! Very exciting. My first day will be tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Then I went shopping for house stuff. I found 3 picture frames and a new chair! My living room is lacking in seating arrangements for guests and there's a spot where a little chair would fit perfectly and today I found one! I'm in love. My chair is floral (not mammaw floral...very modern floral...don't worry) and it girlies up my living room a bit since we're using Scott's brown couch & brown leather chair. My house needed some color!
After all my shopping I went to my physique class followed by abs then cycle. I've pushed past the weight number I always get stuck at which is totally exciting. I'm smaller than I was on my wedding day! The goal is to weigh what I did when I won Miss Teen Arkansas by the time I go on my trip. Hard! But I believe I can do it. My workout's are so amazing and they're totally changing my body. Everybody should do cycle and every woman should try physique. Incredible! It makes me feel so great afterwards! My body is so healthy right now which I'm so proud of. I ate a few doritos last weekend while I was in Little Rock and it DID NOT go over well. It felt terrible but also great knowing my body is so healthy it couldn't handle a few doritos. I go through obsession phases with my weight and eating healthy and I'm in one right now. Can you tell? Too bad I'm not always like this....
Time for TV.

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