Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patricks Day

Today was good! Worked in the new salon. Had happy hour/dinner with Jaclyn at Copelands. I need to go to bed because I've got my sculpt & cycle class in the morning before I go to work. I'm hungry.....nachos sound so good. Mmmm.
Kate Winslet and her hubby split! Who other than me thinks her and Leo just need to break down and get together?They're BFF's/Secretly in love I think. Based on their interviews on one another....why do you guys feel you need to hide it any longer? Even though Bar is SOOO hot! Scott just said 'who's Bar?' Ug! Amature. (Duh Bar is a gorgeous model who Leo dates off and on...get up to date with the important things people)
Friends tell me I write on my blog EXACTLY how I talk and my besties find that so funny. So I guess if you don't know me....this is me.
People think Jen and Gerrard are together. HELLO! No. I guess you don't follow Jenny like me but she doesn't snuggle with her co-star on a red carpet like a BFF if she's dating him. Or take him on a trip with her to Cabo while her bests friends attend. Why doesn't E! and Us catch up on this after all these decades? I think less of them for not knowing this fact by now. Stupids. I know all there is to know about celebs. And if you think that's worthless information I'm storing in my brain then what do you think of the careers of Oprah, Reg & Kel, The View, & GMA (last hour)...yada get the point. Don't judge me! My interests are important.....
Happy St. Patty's Day!!!!!

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