Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What up! It's nice to be back into my routine. Yesterday was a very busy day. Remember back in January when I went and interviewed to become a substitute teacher for the Bentonville schools but they told me I wasn't qualified? Well believe it or not they called me 3 times while I was in Mexico. By the 3rd time I answered and I guess they had a change of heart. I was kinda over it but I said okay and went in yesterday to fill out paperwork. I thought by paperwork they meant we need your signature here. Oh no. Not only did I fill out about 22 different papers saying all kinds of different things, I had to go to the police station and get fingerprinted, get a copy of my social security card so they can have it in their system, give them my bank account info so they can direct deposit my checks and....my favorite....go to the skanky health department and get a TB test. Which, ouch, it hurt. Plus, I never like to go to the health department. I'm always afraid I'll get AIDS or lice will jump on my head. Sick. So needless to say that took up my entire day.
Sunday I actually didn't go to church. I set my alarm for it and got up and got ready but then Jake told me he was trying to head out of town early and I really wanted to have lunch with him. I never get to see him anymore so me, him, and Jaclyn went to Flying Burrito, one of Jake's favorite. It was especially scrumptious to me that day.
The night before, our little group met up at Theos to have dinner to celebrate Jax and Craig's engagement! It was such a great night. Dinner was fab. I always love getting together with my girls and we always make the boys come with. After Theos we went to Sideways. It was fun. I ran into some old buddies and talked to them a while. It felt like college again where you go to a bar and you know EVERYONE in there. That was nice. The best part of the night though, Jacqueline asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! Aww....so awesome. I feel honored! I love my Jax!

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