Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just Not The Best Day I've Ever Had....

Today has been one of those days. I woke up early so I could go to the nasty health department (which smells like fruity pebbles) and get the results for my TB test. After sitting there 45 minutes, I told the lady at the desk that I had to leave because I had to get to work. I came back later in the afternoon and waited another 45 minutes, got in this time, and was told I didn't have it. (duh. what a waste of my time I could have told you that) Guess what. A solid 20 minutes after that I got a call from the lady at the Bentonville school district who interviewed me the first time then told me I wasn't worthy to be a sub. She informed me they had made a mistake. There are two Kara Johnson's in their system and they were wanting the other one. What? WHAT!!!???? She said I could come into her office Friday and we could have a little talk. You can't even imagine my rage. If you recall, I said in my previous post (or the one before that?) that when they called I was already over it but decided to go ahead and sub anyway. It's not like I have to...I just thought it'd be fun for my days off. OOOOMMMMMGGGG I was so mad. I called my Mom and she couldn't believe the audacity. Then I called Scott and he was livid. I mean, that is just so rude. Scott was like 'uhhh they better reimburse us for the near $60 we've spent on all these tests and crap.' Uh no freaking kidding. I mean, it's a substitute teacher. If I were trying to be a real teacher, I get it. A sub? No. Just go with it. Realize your mistake but be like 'oh well.' And also, I'm mad at Scott. This would NEVER happen to Kara Luttrell. Ugh common names!!!!! Hate them. Mom called me back a few hours later and told me that she thinks I need to go see the rude woman on Friday and hear her out and be very polite and take the high road. She's right. The high road is always better....and classier. Classy is always best. So that was bummer number 1 today....and made me feel super crunchy too.
Bummer number two occurred with my lovely AT&T bill. I got a text from them at 8 this morning saying 'due to high international data usage your data service was suspended including in USA. Call this #...for customer service' I was kinda like "whatever" and ignored it until I got to work and realized I couldn't access twitter, tmz, or facebook from my phone. Tragedy. So then I called the customer service number. I asked the girl when I could get back my internet and after she went into this long spill about using my cell internationally blah blah, I owed extra money then I could get my internet back. I was like oh okay well I'll just pay you now with my credit card how much do I owe? She was like well you used 35 megabites and 1 megabite is $20 so you owe $700. I literally said 'I'm sorry what did you just say? Something about 700 dollars?' And she was like Uh Hu....that's what you owe extra. Oh my gosh I swear I had a mini stroke. I was so confused because all I did was turn it on for a few seconds, text mom and dad 'made it to the resort' and then that's all....and maybe a twitter pic or two. So I asked the lady what in the world I could do about that and she fixed it for me to where this month I can switch over to the international plan and it would work for this month since the pay period isn't up and I would only have to pay $59 instead of $700. CHECK. Let's do that. So I got that all taken care of and paid that fee at the AT&T store after work. Then I had to call Rel and inform him of the heart attack worthy news since he so kindly still pays for my cell phone bill. (Thanks Dad love you!) I was like 'Dad can you imagine if I hadn't looked into it and you got a bill for 700 extra dollars!!!!' He was like 'no I would have flipped out.' Me too!!! Because I would have of course paid for it. So good to know. The guy at AT&T said it happens to people all the time. So if you're traveling internationally just switch for the month to international, pay an extra 60 bucks and you can use your phone just like in the US. Worth it!
So needless to say I didn't have the most superb day. My buddy William Harper came to get his hair cut from me so that perked it up a bit. It's always fun to cut friends hair. Then Scott took me to Shogun for sushi and wine since I had such a miz day. Then I came home and poured another glass of wine because it'll go bad if I don't drink it tonight. So I HAVE to drink the rest of the bottle tonight. :)
Okay I'm done. Time for wine.

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