Thursday, April 8, 2010


I got a chance to run home for a second because I have a break at work. I have a minute so thought I'd blog.
-I'm leaving for my trip in less than 48 hours! Woo hoo! Can't wait.
-Yesterday I got a much needed haircut. I was starting to look like a porn star. Way better now.
-So when I was in Little Rock last weekend there was this article in the paper about how coyotes are eating people's little dogs. I'm so disturbed. I woke up at 3 in the morning startled because I guess I dreamed about it happening to Holly. Can you imagine? The people who've had it happen to them said they can just hear their dog screaming from pain. I would die. I would die. Then I'd go on a coyote hunt and kill every single one I came in contact with like a mad man. I'd make them extinct. The paper said you're most likely to see a coyote during the day. And they're very smart. They'll sit and watch and the instant you turn your back from your dog they go and snatch it up. Don't leave your small dog out!! Walk by it's side while it potties then pick it up and carry it back inside. This isn't happening just in the country....these people live in the city. Mom was sitting on her back porch and saw a coyote walking by the creek that runs in their back yard. Needless to say Holly NEVER goes outside anymore. I called Mom on my way to work this morning to remind her that I'm still haunted by the coyote article and to remind her Holly isn't allowed outside anymore. She was like 'oh don't worry. I never let her out anymore.' Holly potties on puppy pads so she doesn't have to really go out. And if she's really missing the outside then we'll just take her bye bye and roll the windows down. She's forbidden from the outdoors. I'm sorry but that's just the way it's gonna have to be. My dog will not be a victim. It would just be too tragic. I know this is disturbing but if you have a small dog you need to be aware that coyotes are running rampant right now. The animal control people are trying to catch them and carry them away in a bus to like Arizona or something. I say kill the bitches. I'm sorry I never speak like that but that's how angry it makes me. Be aware and be careful and don't turn your back on your dog. We can't keep having this happen to our sweet precious babies!

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