Friday, April 9, 2010

Travel Sized Please

Last night Scott and I began the early stages of packing. I'm taking like 12 swimsuits. I'm just not in the mood to try and pick. I'm also taking double the clothes I need. Again, not in the mood to try and figure that out.
After dinner and packing Scott and I watched a biography on Sam Walton which was very interesting. We always get a kick out of anything to do with a Sam or a Walmart biography on TV because Scott's grandpa is in the background of nearly every picture they show. He stalked Sam Walton for years before they discovered it and placed him in prison. Just kidding Just kidding!! I freaked you out for a second there huh? No he was with Walmart/Sam from the beginning. It's always like 'oop there's grandpa' 'there he is again.' It entertains us....we don't know why.
Today I'm off to try and find mini everything so our bags won't weight too much. Scott and I are going to try super hard to only have 1 bag since they charge you a zillion dollars for each extra bag. That really just PO's me. If we need two, then we're taking a carry on. We refuse to pay an extra $50 for our luggage. That's just so rude and a total waste of money.
In-between hunts for mini-travel size everything I'm treating myself to a pedicure. A few more errands after that then a stop at the gym and I'm done I think. We're going to try to go to bed early since we have to be at the airport at 5 a.m. Probably won't happen. I never can fall asleep when I know I have to wake up that early. I'm always afraid I won't wake up. to Walmart. The Food Revolution on ABC comes on tonight. If you haven't been watching it you should. It's awesome!
Oh and finally you have to watch this. Oh My Gosh it cracks me up so hard.

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