Sunday, April 11, 2010

hola from mexico

Greetings from Mexico! uh oh. this keyboard is random. it's not like America's and i can't figure out some of the key strokes so this will look a little weird. I'm very sad because i brought my computer and planned to blog every day but i can't get Internet access unless i come into the business room. so no blogging for me for the week. I'll just update you when i get back with a very long blog post. Scott and i are having an absolutely amazing time so far. we've been here for a little over 24 hours and we are already so excited and pumped about our week. the water is gorgeous, the food is amazing, the amenities are perfect. apparently they think we're on our honeymoon. we have a honeymooners banner running across our door. ummm...okay whatever. just means we're getting extra spoiled! we're about to head to the 'seafood' restaurant. last night we ate french and it was fantastic. I'm craving sea bass so off to the restaurant it is. i may blog later in the week if i get the chance to pop in here. hope you guys in Arkansas have a great work week. I'll lay on the beach or by the pool and think about you while i sip fantastic cocktails!!!!!

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