Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In LR for the Day

I'm at my parents house in Little Rock right now. Scott and Mom are on the back porch enjoying this beautiful day and I'm anxious to join them so I'm gonna make it quick! As you saw from my tweet, Scott had to do store reviews or something like that in LR today. So I came with him! Mom and I have hung out all day and shopped. We're going to eat a yummy meal here then head back tonight....and I'm bringing my doodlebug with me! My time for custody.
Last night we surprised Jaclyn with a fun little get together at her house. Brad's always thoughtful when it comes to stuff like that! Good job Brad!. There were lots of folks enjoying each others company. Fun little thing to do for what would normally be a non-eventful Monday. I had fun.....too much actually.
This past weekend we babysat Rose. Went to a stock the bar party, ate at On The Border AND PF Changs. Needless to say....I feel fat. Don't worry, I'm taking care of it. It was a good weekend. I'm always sad when they're over.
Mom and Dad are coming up this weekend for work purposes. I'm excited. They haven't seen the new updates I've made to my house with my curtains and new cute chair and other little things here and there I've done.
Okay gonna join my family outside now. Plus Holly's out there and it makes my heart race. I have a wide eye out for coyotes. They're not gonna get my girl.

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