Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Another Thursday

I'm supposed to be working but I have zero clients today. Can you believe that? The salon has been SO SLOW the last few weeks. Oh well. It's such a beautiful day so since I'm not at work Holly and I have been hanging out on my back porch. I'm worried the wind is gonna blow her little 7 pound self away. It knocked down my hibiscus tree that I bought at Walmart yesterday and that thing is heavy.
Oh's one of those days. One of those where you feel like doing something different with your life. Probably feeling like that since I don't have any clients today....
Last night Scott grilled us a delicious meal. His favorite thing in the whole wide world to grill is a bone-in chicken so I went to the Butcher Deli and got some. They were yummy. We watched Glee and Modern Family. Do you guys watch Modern Family? It makes me laugh out loud. I'm so in love with that show. And it's not one of those you have to watch every week to know what's going on either. Start watching if you're not already.
I got a friend request from another random this week. Does this just happen to me all the time or is everyone experiencing this all the time too? I do always try real hard to figure out how I could possibly know the person. This girl's 'about me' caught my eye. I haven't declined yet so I could copy and paste what it says.
'I luv my church & family & God.I will do just about anything @ least once, i get irritated easily, i dont like llike people that lie & if i found out that you lied to me give time i wiil get you back, & i hate a, back stabber & use others. dont cum @ me w/ an attiude cuz im not in the mood to listen to. cuz im goin 2 just look @ you like there an dumb ass & think 2myself do you know how stupid you look.'
Hmm....interesting. That first little sentence she wrote just really doesn't match up with the rest of all that. Also, I hate when people write cum. That's really one of those times you should just spell it correctly. Go the extra mile. You know? So this is going to be my new thing I think. Random facebookers and what they write on their profile that catches my attention. It's always nice for a good eyebrow raise don't you think? Or the people I have to keep who have inappropriate updates....may post a few of those every now and again too. ALTHOUGH, I have to say that Sydney sent me a little facebook message and showed me how to 'hide' certain people so their updates never pop up on my page again. She told me 'it could save your life.' far so good.
Okay I'm going to try to find something productive to do with my life.

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