Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Day Exactly As It Was

Today was a great relaxing Sunday. Woke up after hitting the snooze button for 30 minutes, went to church, drove to Fayetteville to have lunch with Braclyn at Mojitos, went to Masons, wanted Ricks, drove to Ricks--it was closed, went to Ozark Natural Foods--grabbed some groceries, went to Maggie Moos & split the Better Batter Boogie Board with Scott, came back home, got on the bed, caught up on my celeb gossip, went for a run around my neighborhood because I ate like a pig--punished myself for that-- ran 1 hour and 10 minutes without stopping to walk for even 1 second, came home, sucked down a bottle of water, took Holly for a walk, grilled dinner, watched Housewives, Kendra, then Pretty Wild, now I'm doing this. That was my day! It was a good one. Looking forward to the week ahead of me....dunno why....just am. Night!

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