Monday, May 3, 2010

Ho Hum Today Was Drum

Today I woke up early because Scott and I had to drive my car down to Fayetteville because the breaks were squeeking. I had to follow Scott in his car then drive him to work. Fun times.
I've tried to be somewhat productive on my day off. I did accomplish getting basically my whole laundry basket emptied. When I lived by myself I never had to do laundry. My husband goes through more laundry than anyone I've ever known!!! It's because I'll wear something then hang it back up usually. Scott wears it for an hour then throws it in the laundry. It bugs.
I ran on the elliptical today. I haven't done that in a long time because I don't feel like an elliptical workout can do near for you what a good, hard run on the treadmill can. But I don't want my body to get conditioned to running so I thought I'd change it up today. I went for an hour and 5 minutes...600 calories. Good enough.
I really need to give Holly a bath tonight. She's a stinky girl. She pretends like she hates baths but I think she secretly enjoys them. She has this pitiful look on her face when you bathe her like she's being tortured but then she LOVES to get dried with the hair dryer and she prances when we're all done. She knows she looks better and I know she feels better too.
Alright I need to go make my salad dressing. Scotts chickens are almost all grilled up. Enjoy your night.

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