Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kyle Always Get's Lucky

So Scott and I just finished watching Glee. They ended by singing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart.' I know when most people hear that song they think Old School....when I hear that song...something totally different. I was a freshman in college and was in one of my friends room in the Sigma Chi house (not Jakes....shocking I know) and a bunch of guys busted in and serenaded me with Total Eclipse. It was hysterical...clearly because I still remember it. I'm well aware you feel that was a waste of blog space but I just felt you should know every time I hear that song I don't think of Old School like the rest of you....I think of freshman year XE house. Yeah....so let's move on.
My brother, Kyle, was on his way to Arkansas today from Florida. He was in the airport when Delta made the announcement if anyone would be willing tol fly another day or whatever they'd pay for his hotel stay plus $200 in miles. Kyle ALWAYS volunteers. Which gets him in all kinds of cool places. Today---NYC. Jealous!!!! He's been there all afternoon. He's leaving at noon tomorrow. I'm so jealous. He ALWAYS gets cool deals. AND the major thing I'm not okay with is that he ALWAYS see's a celebrity. And not a Z list celeb.....like...he's seen Tom Cruise. He's seen everyone important. Today he saw Catherine Zeta Jones...and got to have a convo with her. He told her she was the most beautiful woman he's ever seen (which he swears is SO true...he went on and on) and she told him how sweet he was. WHAT! WHAT??? I went to LA and hit up all the hot spots. Beso, Ivy, Ketchup, Les Deux...I only saw Matt Leinart and Mikalha Gordan....kinda cool but not special. Kyle has seen Tom and Catherine now?! Jealous!!! Oh and Scott wants me to make sure everyone knows he sat right next to Brad Pitt at a restaurant in Cabo. And he's told me he's really little.
This is so not fair. None of those boys care one bit about celebs. Me? I carry subscriptions to People and US and stay up just to watch TMZ. It's not okay. I'm not okay with this. Whatev. Here's Kyle's pic of Mrs. Jones....

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