Thursday, May 6, 2010

Greek Alphabet

I have had so many people make fun of me because I wrote XE instead of EX in my last post. Leave me alone!!! I know, I know I messed it up. I'm well aware that it's Sigma Chi not Chi Sigma. I know the whole Greek alphabet and the little Greek symbols too....and I was a Greek. Leave a sista alone. I'm over it! I had just come home from happy hour with Jaclyn. Nuff said.
I just got back from my physique class. It's killer. Love it! I didn't work out Tuesday or yesterday. Yesterday I literally pulled into the gym, got out of the car, walked towards the door then turned around and got back in my car and drove home. Yes I did! Whaaat?! I just wanted to come home to my husband and grill something yummy in the beautiful weather. It's really hard to want to be in a gym when it's so gorgeous outside especially around dinner time. I just love nothing more right now than to sit outside on our back porch while Scott grills. It's just fantastic and makes me happy. I'm SO READY for lake time. SO READY. I can't even express how SO READY I am. Memorial weekend can't come soon enough.
Tomorrow night our salon is having a party to celebrate our new space. Cocktails, appetizers, hair's gonna be a good time. If anyone lives up here you should come! 7-10.
Okay I'm hungry now so I'm gonna get to making my grilled shrimp salad.

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