Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom

Since today is Mothers Day, I thought I'd share exactly what it is that I love about my Mom so much.
--is my best friend
--is a great cook!
--loves to shop as much as I do.
--has fantastic taste especially in home decor.
--is so sweet to Landon. I love to watch her with him.
--always pushed me growing up to be the best of the best.
--loves to watch a movie on the couch snuggled up with a blanket, me, and Holly.
--loves Holly just as much as I do.
--taught me all I know about dancing....and cheering.
--will talk to me on the phone when I'm bored.
--understands that I'm not a 'career girl' and just want to be a wife and momma since that's how she is too!
--is quick to tell me when I'm wrong.
--has laughed so hard with me we've both literally pee'd our pants.
--taught me how to wear make-up.
--took such good care of me when I was sick that I still want my momma when I don't feel good.
--used to braid my hair in really cool ways in elementary and jr. high. Now people rock the same braid styles today and I love that mom was way ahead of the time!
--made me 'Dorothy' shoes when I was a little girl.
--is a neat freak like me.
--understands when I call crying after being on a diet for a week and haven't lost a pound.
--lets me talk to her about anything. And I mean anything.
--loves my husband and is so proud for me that I found such a great one.
--has been a great example for how you make a marriage work.
--worked just as hard, if not harder, for me to win Miss Teen Arkansas. The crown is equally her's. She did all the hard boring work...I just showed up on the stage.
--cheered really hard for me when I played basketball in 4, 5, and 6th grade and I think wasn't even embarrassed that I was by far the worst player on the team.
--made me do a lot of things I didn't want to do when I was growing up but now I'm so glad she did.
--always did my laundry up until the day I left for college.
--never gave me a curfew
--would bring me a yummy lunch to school almost every single day.
--would never snoop in my room or read my diary....of that I'm positive.
--never missed a pep rally!
--spoiled me....I don't think that's a bad thing!
--loves sweets and candy as much as I do!
--would occasionally let me skip school if I just really didn't feel like going that day.
--threw me my dream wedding.
--totally supported me to pursue a career in hair.
--let me get my ears pierced when I was 6 and shave my legs when I was 8.
--never pressured me to be a Kappa like her but was all the way excited when I pledged KKG.
--loves Razorback games.
--never thought it was silly to have a boyfriend in elementary school! Or at least she never said it to me anyways...
--was always a really awesome Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, & Easter Bunny.
--never had me look like a ragamuffin when I was a little girl. I was always dressed to the nine's with perfect hair and a bow placed neatly on top.
--still takes me shopping even though I'm grown-up and married.
--has taught me everything I know about life.
--most a godly woman who raised me in a christian home and introduced me to Jesus Christ by being an example and raising me the way God would want me to be raised. And she's the best Sunday School teacher I've ever had! Learned the most about the Bible from her!

Plus a million other things too. I love you mom!!! You're the best!

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