Sunday, May 9, 2010


It's usually pretty rare for me to do 2 posts in 1 day. However Mothers Day has made me think about my mom a lot today. I assume that's the point of Mother's Day huh!!!
So here's a story. A few years ago, I was doing my last bit of Christmas shopping before heading home. I was walking right in front of the food court when a random woman grabbed my arm and said to me 'You HAVE to be Sondra Bell's daughter.' Shocked and humored, I said yes to which she told me she and my Mom were best friends growing up. Knowing everything about my Mom's life, I told her I knew exactly who she was, said I'd tell Mom hi, then went on my way. I still think it's so funny that she thought I look so much like my mom, she was positive if she grabbed my arm and asked me, she wouldn't be wrong. I dunno......what do you think? Mom and I go back and forth. Sometimes we think we look just alike and sometimes we think I'm a pretty good mixture of both.

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