Monday, May 10, 2010

Sick Boy

Ahhhh....I just crawled into my bed with my clean sheets. Is there a whole lot better than clean sheets? I'm not sure. Did you know Oprah has her 'help' clean her sheets every day? If I was a billionaire like her I'd totally do that too.
Today was a blah day. Scott didn't go to work because he was sick all weekend. I took him to the doctor this morning and turns out he ate himself something bad. I think it's the sushi we had Thursday night. He loves some raw fish laying on top of his roll. I believe that's what did it. He can't be normal and eat just a regular California roll like me. The fish must have not been stellar like it's supposed to be. The doctor gave him some medicine and he's been able to keep food down for the first time since Saturday morning. Tomorrow he leaves for Chicago for the week so he definitely needed to get better before then! He said he's feeling much better which is great.
Whenever Scott gets sick my body feels the need to get sympathy pains. For a good while this afternoon I thought I was gonna copy my hubby. I laid down and fell asleep for like 4 hours. Around 6 I started to feel normal....just like Scott was starting to feel normal. Aww...such a sweet wife I am getting all sympathetic. Actually it's annoying because I swear it happens every time.
After a light dinner at Panera, I hit the gym. I just ran on the treadmill and got some good cardio in. But Mr. Treadmill really made me mad. Sometimes after I've been on it for an hour it'll just shut off mid run. It did it to me tonight and it really confuses me when it happens and I almost trip over my feet. I'm sorry if you think an hour is enough of a workout but I'm not done yet and I'd appreciate you not cutting me off. I'll stop when I'm ready thank you. So annoying!! So I just had to start it all over again which ruins my calorie and mile count. URG!
I'm glad I ran myself out because after that 4 hour nap I was worried I wouldn't be able to fall asleep. I'm pooped now. Night night!

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