Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ruined Surprise

So I've been very excited for the past week because I've been planning a surprise birthday party for Scott. His birthday is Tuesday and I had this great scheme all planned out. I sent his friends a facebook message asking them if they'd like to join us to celebrate his birthday at Bordinos on Tuesday at 7. The majority of them are able to make it (such great friends) and knew it was a surprise and have been all excited about it and trying to help me be sneaky. Scott had no clue. I had him convinced that we would spend a special evening, just the two of us, going out and enjoying a lovely dinner. He totally bought it. It was just too easy.
WELL, today we were leaving church and bumped into 3 of his friends. We said hey on our way out and one of them said 'Happy early birthday! Sorry I can't make it Tuesday.' OH MY GOSH I WANTED TO DIE. My heart sunk into my tummy and a huge case of disappointment ran all over my body. We said bye (uh like immediately) and Scott looked at me with a frown and said 'awwww......sorry baby.' Then smiled and proceeded to tell me how sweet I am to plan a birthday party for him and that it'll still be a fun surprise. Whatever!! It would have been way better the way I've been planning it in my mind the past week. I probably said SURPRISE PARTY in that facebook message 3 times. Ugh! Scott tried to pep me up for a good hour. It's just so disappointing. Such a bummer. Oh well. I still have at least one surprise he doesn't know about and you better believe I'm not telling a soul about it since some people seem to not be able to keep a secret. It will still be a great night with his great friends, great food, and great wine. He just gets to prepare his excitement for it now.....

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