Friday, June 11, 2010

Almost Done

Okay so I didn't finish Eat. Pray. Love yesterday but I PROMISE I'll be done with it today. I was a little overbooked at work to read much of it in the day. I did come home and read a lot while I laid in my bubble bath with a glass of wine which was sheer bliss. I love my big huge tub. I'm finished with her trip to India and now she's in Indonesia. I could see myself going to Indonesia....I'll finish reading this afternoon after I go to my father-in-laws to get some laps in. I'm just not in the mood to run. Laps seem more pleasant.
So I have to admit yesterday I took a pregnancy test. I've taken one maybe 3 times before. I stress Scott out with this all the time. It's probably nearly impossibly (99% to be exact) for me to get pregnant but I can't help but think I WOULD BE the exception since I'm all weird medically and all. I only thought so because I'd been getting really nauseous during my workouts and my.....(sorry boys or anyone who finds this inappropriate) boobies looked like this.
Everyone had a comment about them. And if anything odd happens to me my automatic thought is "I'm pregnant." So I got worried and bought a test, which of course said negative like I deep down inside knew it would. I just wanted to be positive because we're going to a wine tasting tonight and I didn't feel comfortable thinking I was possibly pregnant while I'm guzzling down wine. We're all good thankfully. It is not my time yet.
So yesterday was a touch entertaining I suppose. Okay I'm off to swim laps. Then I'm gonna come back home and finish my book and get ready for my wine tasting tonight. Exciting!!

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