Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Eat. Pray. Love

Today started out normal. Woke up, turned on Regis and Kelly, got dressed, got to work....then I decided to go to Barnes and Noble before my lunch at McAlisters (like every Wednesday) with Jaclyn. I LOVE to go to Barnes and Noble. It's kind of my sanctuary. More so in college when I lived by myself and B&N was so close to my house I could walk to it if I wanted. I would go there to relax, read, drink a hot chocolate (coffee poser) and could keep myself entertained for hours....especially at night. It's a great place to go when you're happy, sad, bored, or curious. The Barnes and Noble in Rogers is really close to where I work so I drive there a lot if I have a little gap between clients and read magazines (for free). Scott gets annoyed with me for buying 3 $5 magazines every week since they're 'a waste of money.' If I had to describe my husband in three words they would be: Loyal, kind-hearted, & frugal. I am polar opposite. I put him through bank account shock every now and then. We make it work...somehow.......that is neither here nor there although I may have to blog one day about that because there are many entertaining/funny stories about how opposite Scott and I are when we look at money.
So I go to B&N before lunch to buy a magazine to read while I had a break at work later in the afternoon. But a book caught my eye. And since one of the 25 things to do while I'm 25 is to read a good book, I decided to forgo the wasteful magazine and buy the book! So I bought EAT. PRAY. LOVE. Yes I'm way behind on this but better late than never! Okay so....I can't put the book down. I read over 100 pages of it today and can't wait to read more. I was so excited about coming home and reading it until Scott so proudly said 'I'm not gonna work tonight since I worked so late (12:30) last night!' Of course. The one night you decide not to work is the one night that I find a book I can't seem to put down and was looking forward to reading when I got home. HAHA! I'd rather have my husband....the book will always be there. But I will be finishing up with her trip to Italy when I lay in bed tonight because I think she's almost done being there. If you haven't read it YOU MUST!!!! I'm not even finished yet but I'm so obsessed and pretty sure I'm going to need to take a year off from life and travel like that except I'd go to different countries. I haven't decided where yet but it's definitely going to happen....mark my word. I'll probably finish this book tomorrow. I will keep you updated. Read it! Such a good decision I made with that today! It has potential to change my life. :)

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