Sunday, June 27, 2010


I've spent my whole weekend landscaping my front yard. It was in desperate need of a make-over. Whoever did it to begin with did a miserable job. I originally was calling a bunch of landscapers to come out and do it for me but my Mom was up here this weekend and she said that was silly of me to spend extra money to hire someone to do it when she could help me do it herself. (My Mom has a green thumb) So on Saturday morning after cycle (which Dad attended with me) we went all over NWA and shopped for new plants and flowers for my front yard. Mom helped me pick out a lot of beautiful stuff most of which will come back every year which is great!! Scott, Mom, and I got in the hot sun, started digging and planting and 2 days later, I'm so happy and proud of my 'curb appeal!' I've been wanting to do this since we moved into our house in October...8 months later I finally got it taken care of. I'm really so happy with it. Scott and I finalized it today and we just stood at the street and starred at it for about 30 minutes. 1 week ago, I would have told you we had the worst yard in the neighborhood. We had a huge weed problem. Pulled up 4 trash bags worth of weeds and the week before that, 2. It was bad. So I'm no longer embarrassed and worried a neighbor will write us a letter asking us to take better care of our flower beds. (I honestly told Scott I thought that would happen) You probably can't tell much from these pictures but this will give you a little bit of an idea.

Our house in October. Pre-awful weeds. Not bad...but not great.

Our house today!

The far ends look empty but placed there are knock-out roses that will grow nice and big in a few months and it'll look pretty! It kinda looks the same in the photos but it looks like a completely different place in person. I love my little home! It's so sweet and cozy...or I think so anyways. It may not seem like much but I'm really proud and happy and so is Scott so that's all that matters. I'm so grateful to Mom and Scott for helping me. It was not easy I gotta tell ya! I honestly could not have done it without them. They did it all for me. I have less stress in my life now. My yard looked so bad before I might as well have had a porta poty on my front lawn and Christmas lights on my roof. Now it looks great and I'm very proud and can't wait for it all to grow big so it'll look even better!!

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