Friday, June 25, 2010

On To Breaking Dawn

I finished Eclipse is less than two days (so good) and now I'm on to Breaking Dawn. I'm not a Twi-hard but I do love a good book and I have unanswered questions so I'm going to need to continue on with my Twilight reading. It definitely keeps me entertained and makes my husband annoyed. We haven't talked much this week....I've been too engrossed in my book.
Last night I had dinner with my big group of friends. Jaclyn, Ashley, Stina, Anna and our boys at Crabbys. It was a good time! I enjoy spending time with my friends very much!
Tonight Scott and I are having dinner with his Dad and grandparents at Bonefish. I haven't had Bonefish in a while....I'm looking forward to it. Mmm....I'm hungry. I need to eat breakfast.
No work for me today (YAY). My parents have been up here all week for business but I've hardly seen them since I've been at work. Mom and I can hang today. It'll be nice.
I'm in DESPERATE need of good sleep and Scott's 6 am alarm is not helping especially since he hits the snooze for an hour. Can you imagine someone hitting their snooze button for an hour? Everyday? And the alarm sound is the most annoying alarm in the history of the whole wide world. My husband is perfect but this I cannot deal with. We are going to have to enter him into a snooze button rehab or something.
Alrighty, guess I'll hop in the shower and get dressed. BOO! Have a good weekend.

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