Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend 2010

My Memorial Weekend was grand! All I did was lay in a boat on the lake with my family and eat a lot of food. Yesterday was probably my favorite lake day because we did a lot of skiing. Last year I was horrible at getting up on the skis. This year, first try. That's right folks. First try. Scott tried skiing for the first time ever. He's always done wake boarding and he thinks skiing is way harder. He got up for just a few seconds but he did good for a first time tryer and he promised me he'll try again throughout the summer. I'm making him. I come from a family of sporty people. We love to lay on a beach but we also love to hit some slopes and ski on water. Scott is perfectly content to just lay in the boat all day or float in the water. I can't handle that. It's nice but I need a tube or a ski or a wake board or something. I've said it before while I am incredibly girly I LOVE adventure. I'm not athletic by any means but I can't handle just laying there. I like activities. Anyways! There's really not much to say except we spent 3 days on the lake and it was awesome. Enjoy some pics!

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