Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Brother Is Off To Asia

My brother is headed to Asia right now to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I get chill bumps knowing that in just a few days someone out there is going to come to know Christ and spend eternity in heaven and they don't even know it yet. It's awesome. So dang awesome. I wish so badly I was going with him. If I had found out about him doing this before it was too late I would have totally gone too. He's created a blog to write about it. His blog link is on my 'other people's blog list' entitled 'my life and travels.' Check it out over the next 3 weeks because he's going to be updating (in code...he could get in serious trouble with the government with what he's doing) and letting us know how things are going. My brother is awesome. I'm so proud of what he's doing and hope that one day Scott and I can go and do the same thing. We talk about it all the time and at some point, we're going to spread the Word in a foreign country and turn non-believers to Christ. Please pray for Kyle and the other's he's going with that they can make a huge impact in China. And for their safety as well. This can be a dangerous situation for them because the government is incredibly hard-core on Christians spreading The Word. Needless to say, Mom is a touch nervous....who can blame her! Send your prayers and blessings....some amazing things are about to happen!!!!!

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