Monday, June 21, 2010

My Dad

I was busy last night after Scott and I got in from Little Rock so I never had a chance to blog about my wonderful father! I am one of those incredibly lucky girls who was blessed with a great Dad! I know I'm lucky. I think everybody knows how important a father is in a girls life. I had such a stable man in my life who completely took care of me and I am so grateful. My Dad always washed my car, changed it's oil, stuck the insurance card in my glove compartment. He woke me up every morning before school....even my senior year. And I would always say '5 more minutes' and he'd come back in 5 minutes! When I was a little girl and we were eating and I would say I was done he was say 'come over here let me feel your belly' and he's rub on it and say 'I think there's a spot right there that needs one more bite....oop! I found another one...two more bites' and I would totally fall for it. I'd eat two more bites then go over to him and push my belly out real hard and have him feel again.
My Dad has always called me Louie--Lou for short. We aren't even sure where that came from but he never calls me Kara. Just Lou or Louie. On my wedding day my Dad was so emotional. Right before the doors opened for us to walk down the isle he said 'I love you Kara Luttrell.' But then he had a blast at the reception! He always says 'let's throw another party like that!'
My Dad is a really great man. He's a hard worker and a strong God follower. Mom is my best friend but I'm definitely a Daddy's girl. I thank God all the time for blessing me with a great, loving, stable father. God has blessed me with a lot but I believe that's one of the greatest blessings he's given me. I'm glad I married someone just like my dad because our kids are going to be really lucky to have him as a father just like Kyle and I are so lucky to have a great man like my Dad be ours! Happy Fathers Day Dad! I love you!!

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