Monday, June 21, 2010

Saturday Boat Day

My weekend in Little Rock was a typical summer LR weekend. We woke up early Saturday and got out on the lake. My friend, Kirk came with us. We headed in earlier than normal because Scott and I had Amber's wedding to go to. We're trying to teach Scott how to ski. He's a wakeboarder kinda guy. Last time he couldn't get the concept of just letting the boat pull you up. This time he did really great and stayed up for about 10 seconds! He refuses to try more than like, 5 times though the little booger. Next time I think he'll get it down perfectly! Here's some pics...

Kirk Skiing
Me Skiing
And Dad doing a slalom

I love the lake!! I always have so much fun. I'm glad Kirk joined us this time! We always love boat company!

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