Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big Brother

Did you guys watch Big Brother tonight? So I've never watched it before ever. However, one of my BFF's, Britney, is on it. Okay we're not BFF's. But I do know her and have for nearly 10 years now. She's a pageant girl! We competed in MTA together. AND....drum roll....she's a KKG! She is a total sweetheart and super duper friendly. Great girl.
Okay so Jake is a huge Big Brother fan and informed me that Britney is on it this season. So Jaclyn and I have decided to tune in and we're officially obsessed. Only because she's on it but it totally keeps me (us) entertained. She is LOL funny to me. The three of us were talking about it at lunch on Monday and Jake was like 'how were we not BFF'S with her in college she is JUST like us. Same humor and everything.' And Jaclyn was like 'but no one in the house likes her' and Jake goes 'oh...I guess that means no one like us then either.' HAHAHA. (bummer)'ve just got to watch Big Brother now so you can root for Britney, my BFF.

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