Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today I made myself feel like an overly obsessed celeb fanatic. I watched TMZ cover Lindsay Lohan going to jail live on their website for a good 30 minutes. I mean I couldn't care less about LOLohan but I was bored. She is such a mess. Why can't she get it together? She was even 7 minutes late to jail today. And she lets out a gross smoker cough nearly every 3 minutes. And she looks 64, not 24 from all the drugs and partying and bad hair color/extensions. I mean, what is the deal? I can't ever decide who is more crazy...her or her father. He BUGS so bad...fame whore. Then there's her mom...she's a fame whore too that thinks she's still an 18 year old Rockett and is in major denial about her daughter being a hot mess. That whole family needs some serious help. Maybe jail will give Lindsay a wake up call but I kinda doubt it. I bet even Oprah couldn't talk some sense into her. Someone threw confetti on LL as she was heading into jail and it really made me laugh.
That's all I guess.

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