Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm Too Old For This

To say this past weekend was long and crazy is an understatement. I felt like I was going and going 24/7. It all started on Thursday when Scott and I had Jake, Jax, Jaclyn, and Brad over for dinner. We cooked pizza and salad and had lots of wine. (Note my tweet) Needless to say, I felt like I was waking up on a Sunday after Row weekend all over again. Not acceptable. I felt like poo poo. Can't remember the last time that happened to me. Friday night was dinner at Bonefish with the same crowd + Craig. Afterwards we drifted over to Eddie's then Scott and I left early because I can't stay up late on Friday nights because of my 8 a.m. cycle class on Saturday morning. Scott came with me to cycle!! First time ever he's gotten up with me. Saturday was a touch boring for me. I slept a lot because I was still worn out from my eventful Thursday night. Then I got bored and couldn't come up with anything to do so I went to the gym again and ran for 35 minutes. I came home and got ready for Anna and Austin's wedding shower at Scarpino then headed over to West End (aka OTR) and had another night full of good times. Like I said, it was Row all over again. The night ended with Me, Scott, Jake, Ashley, Jaclyn, and Brad going into t-bell to eat 4th meal like a bunch of fatties. Sunday that same crowd - Scott + Rebecca went to the lake. It was enjoyable and relaxing. Whew! That gives me a headache just thinking about it. It was fun but I'm getting way too old to party like that. Good times though....good times....
I had a cleaning lady come yesterday. (Imagine angels singing as I say that) I LOVE a cleaning lady who's name is not Kara Johnson.
Today I had a freak-out, paranoid moment with Holly because she went winky tink like, 8 times in 6 hours. (not normal for her to do that in even 1 day) So I took her to the doctor because I was just so sure something was wrong with her bladder again. One nervous dog, 1 ziplock baggie full of urine that I collected myself by chasing Holly around the yard, 2 doctors, 1 xray, a medicine refill and $215 later.....she's completely fine. All that for nothing. Well not nothing. I'd do anything for my baby and I'm glad to know she's A-OK. The doctor said she's in really great health especially for her age. That's my girl!

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