Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hurry Up Day...Get Over With

Let's just say that this week hasn't been my favorite. I am SO READY for this day to be over with. I go in to work at 1 and will be hauling butt to get myself out the freaking door and not return....until next Tuesday. You know how sometimes you just have one of 'those' weeks at work? Yeah....I'll try to remain professional and not talk about it but lets just say AHHHH!!! I had a melt down on Tuesday and cried!! Yes I cried at work. Not in front of clients of course. Just in the breakroom. That's how ready I am to peace out for the week.
I think I may be peacing out down to Little Rock. I need to hang with my little buddy, Landon. And it would be nice to actually have some company as my husband works until 1 a.m. every day. Getting old Sara Lee.....getting old. That probably contributed to my tears on Tuesday. This always happens when Scott's in his relay. I think I'm doing so well with the absentee husband thing then I have a moment where it hits me and I can't take it anymore and I have a total meltdown. So that's why I believe I'll be going to LR today. I need people to love on me! :)
Okay I guess I'll get ready for work. Today is the day where I'm supposed to work until 8. My least favorite work day of the week EVER. As of yesterday I didn't have any clients past 3 so hopefully that's still the case and I can leave after I'm finished. Of course I'll probably have to sit in the break-room twiddling my thumbs until 8:00 in the off chance a walk-in comes in. You know...someone needs to be there in case that happens. And it always ends up being me. Oh how I love being made to sit for hours upon hours for free making zero money....which technically isn't legal to make someone do that but whatever. :)

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