Monday, July 26, 2010

I Really Love My....

Yesterday when I was bored I went to the place I always go to when I'm bored--Barnes and Noble. I was flipping through the People Style Watch mag and I always love when they show the celebrities in the 'I really love my....' You know where the celeb is photographed wearing the same thing all the time. So I thought to myself if I was a celebrity what would they do for me in the I really love my....
I really love my
.....BCBG Tunic

.....Hype button down
.....Diane Von Furstenberg dress

.....BCBG dragonfly belt

.....Leopard Louboutains
.....Urban Outfitters retro dress (worn with a side of Jaclyn apparently)
.....l.a.m.b. shorts
I wear these shorts too much. Well that might have bored you to tears but I had fun doing that. I could do a few more pics of say my pearl earrings that Scott gave me as a wedding gift that I wear almost every day, or my Tory Burch black flip-flops, or those skinny jeans I'm wearing in the pic above, or an American Apparel v-neck shirt (I think I have every color available) but I figured I shouldn't overdo it.

So those are some of the things in my closet that I don't hate and didn't get rid of this weekend. Now I'm feeling the need to do some online shopping.

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