Saturday, July 24, 2010

Work, Clothes, Loner

Blah Blah Blah what a non-eventful weekend. Well actually Scott and I went to Bonefish last night and had a lovely meal. He squeezed me into his work schedule. Work work work. Boo!!
Tonight would have been a fantastic night to go to Theos and have a pomegranate martini while enjoying appetizers on their patio....then head indoors as the night went on and continue great conversation with great friends....but Scott has to work.
I'm in the mood to throw almost every article of clothing I own out and buy all new. I hate almost everything in my closet right now. So today, I threw a lot of stuff out and took it to Platos and Goodwill. Then I headed to Masons and must have tried on 30 different things and walked away with nothing. Where else is there to shop up here? Hmm...nowhere! I need to schedule a Dallas weekend to do some good shopping....or Vegas, whatever.
Does anyone ever eat at a restaurant alone? I do it all the time and my people seem to find that so odd. Why don't I think that's weird? Why doesn't it make me feel awkward? I dunno but it doesn't. I crave something, can't find someone to go with, I go anyways...alone.
Alright guess I'll get back to Hitch on TBS.

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