Friday, August 27, 2010

Exactly One Month From Today...

Scott and I are going to be here!

Hello Mexico! We're looking forward to seeing you again.

We very randomly have decided to take a trip. Scott wanted to relax on a beach after all of this hard work he's been doing. So we contacted our travel agent on Tuesday and told her to send us some stuff. We looked at the Caribbean and other parts of Mexico but we're going back to Riveria Maya, the same place we went to in April. We love the water there so much and it's such an easy flight. And for us to be so last minute we thought this would be best. We're going to stay at the sister resort of the place we stayed last time--Secrets Capri! Tammy, our travel agent, was hesitant to send us somewhere so similar as last time but we liked this option the best. We wanted to book the trip this week and we just didn't feel like looking into lots and lots of places. We know we'll like this because it's basically the same so it makes our decision easy and less complicated.

I'm so super excited! I love a vacation! :)

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