Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Five Things For Hump Day

**I got my haircut (trimmed) today. I'm in the process of mending a bad haircut that I've had for nearly a year and a half. It slowly gets better with the every 6 weeks I trim it. I feel as if I still have about 5 months to go. You probably wouldn't notice it but it drives me crazy.
**I told Scott I'm worried I have a gross worm inside me eating all of my food because I feel consistently hungry all day long for a few days now. I'm actually more hungry after I eat than before. I just suffer through the hunger pains until the next meal time comes around. It's pretty miserable.
**If I could eat a cupcake every single day I would.
**My Grammy is coming to hang out with me on Friday. She needs me to do her hair so she's coming up just for that. Love my Grammy & her company and any excuse to see her works for me!
**Scott and I have officially decided where we're going for our 2 year anniversary trip. We'll be hitting the slopes in Colorado!! I'm pumped. Our travel agent is searching for places. I can't wait to hear what she comes up with!

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