Saturday, August 21, 2010

Too Fat For Fifteen

I am so excited because Scott and I are going to spend the entire day together!! He's not going to work today which makes me happy. We're going to go to his Dad's to lay out by his pool then tonight Scott is taking me out on a date! I don't know where...he's keeping it a surprise! I love when he does that because it makes it feel special and not like our typical weekend of us both deciding where to go eat! Barrett Baber is playing at JJ's tonight and since Jaclyn and I are obsessed with him, we made plans to meet up there with the boys after we have our own little dinner dates.
Yesterday was a great day! Jaclyn and I had lunch then decided to go to Fayetteville to hang. We both miss living in Fayetteville SO BAD. I would find it pretty hard to meet someone who enjoys Bentonville/Rogers better than Fayetteville. Fayetteville is so much better in a zillion and one ways. Unfortunately mine and Scott's lives are up here in Bentonville so it would be silly for us to have a house in Fayetteville. Thank goodness Fayetteville is just a 20 minute drive! I make it down probably 1-2 times a week and every time I'm down there I shake my head in sadness that I don't still live there and probably never will again.
Last night Scott and I went to go see The Switch. It was very cute. I would highly recommend it!
I'm watching Too Fat For Fifteen on the style network and it's just really sad. This 15 year old girl can't make it up a very tiny hill. She has to stop and sit every 10 steps. It makes me so angry that parents let their kids get to this point. Jaclyn and I were eating lunch at McAlisters and this table next to us had two little kids. One was eating macaroni with cheetos and the other was eating macaroni with doritos. Really? That's what you're allowing your kid to eat for lunch? I wanted to say something to the parents but obviously it's not my place. It made me so angry though. Fat kids is the fault of the parents. Plain and simple. They should get arrested for child neglect. Okay I'll get off my soap box. It's obviously a hot button issue with me. It makes me so sad when I see a 5 year old who probably weighs as much as I do. They don't know what calories are and what bad food does to your body.....but their parents do yet they continue to feed them cheetos, pizza, and McDonalds? You're killing your child. Props to Michelle Obama for trying to do something about it. Hopefully she can make a difference. On a cool note with this show, these kids are at a fat camp in Texas and one of them is wearing a t-shirt my parents made. HAHA!
Happy Saturday. Eat healthy! :)

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